Business Language to go

Woman talking on the phone
  1. Job Interviews.
  2. How do you introduce someone to the new work place?
  3. Running a meeting and also some expressions that you can use when you’re taking part in one
  4. Presentations: they don't have to be a huge ordeal!
  5. Appraisals: how to make the most of them
  6. Telephoning: some help with telephone related language 
  7. Telephoning II: some more telephone related language to use when making arrangements
  8. Delegating: some useful language for this essential business skill
  9. Dealing with difficult work situations and asking for a pay rise
  10. Difficult clients: some useful language for dealing with dissatisfied customers and clients
  11. Training and away days: learn some useful language and related phrases
  12. Business socialising: some useful expressions for making business contacts when you're outside the office

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